Mariam Alayande is a writer and poet. She started writing at the age of 9. Some of her articles have been published in a couple of magazines and books and is increasingly gaining more recognition.

Mariam Alayande
20 August, 2019 at 9:00 am
Blog & Forum
Website Re-design, Search Engine Optimization, Bespoke UI Design, Social Media Integration, Mobile Responsive Web Development


mariam alayande website - old

Before contacting Novate Designs, Mariam Alayande had a functioning website which had a very high bounce rate due to the following factors:

  • A poorly designed website for her writings.
  • The previous website was difficult to manage.
  • The previous website was not responsive (did not adjust perfectly when viewed on mobile devices) and the letters were very small, this altered proper communication of information to website visitors.
  • The previous website loaded slowly on mobile and desktop devices.
  • Poor choice of colors and typography which made the website unappealing to visitors.
  • Very high website bounce rate.
  • User engagement and experience on the website was generally poor.
  • Reaching out to more readers abroad due to the language barrier.
  • Getting found online.

These challenges really ultered user engagement and pushed Mariam in search of a professional web design agency that could help her acheive all her set goals.


mariam alayande website

Novate Designs unleashed her unique voice and helped Mariam fulfill her passion on the internet in the following way

  • Our representative discussed with Mariam to get a clear view of all her achievable goals.
  • We did a comprehensive analysis of her top competitors, brainstorm, and then came up with a winning strategy.
  • Our team designed a user-friendly and 100% responsive website.
  • Our team made sure all images and codes were cached for faster loading to improve user experience.
  • We created and integrated an interactive blog section to enable the distribution of insightful content.
  • We came up with a language switcher to enable readers from various parts of the world to access her website.
  • We optimized her website for both Search Engines and Website Visitors with relevant keywords and engaging content.


After the completion of the project, Mariam began to reach out to passionate readers across different countries. Her website had an increased level of engagement from users.

Client's feedback

“Novate Designs was the best tech company I have dealt with in a long time! They were patient and didn’t tech talk that I couldn’t understand them and their designers were very pleasant and supportive! Highly recommended.”