Agriktechnical and Agro-Allied Company is one of the leading companies in Nigeria in collaboration with our customers both in private and public sectors known for the sales, distribution, and repair of farming tools

Agriktechnical & Agro-Allied Company
December 16, 2020 at 7:21 am
Website Revamp, Logo Revamp, Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing, Social Media Integration, Google My Business Verification

The Brief


Before contacting Novate Designs, Agriktechnical had a functioning website that had a very high bounce rate due to the following factors:

  • A poorly designed website for the brand
  • The previous website was difficult to manage and navigate through.
  • The previous website was not responsive (did not adjust perfectly when viewed on mobile devices) and the letters were very small, this altered proper communication of information to website visitors.
  • The previous website loaded slowly on mobile and desktop devices.
  • Poor choice of colors and typography made the website unappealing to visitors.
  • Very high website bounce rate.
  • User engagement and experience on the website were generally poor.

These challenges really altered user engagement and pushed Agriktechnical in search of a professional design agency that could help them achieve all their set goals.

What we did


Novate Designs developed a simple but yet functional website that accentuated their core essence.

We got this project through a referrer and corresponded with our client via messages, video, and voice calls then used a model to demonstrate how the website will look when it’s all set up. After the model was approved, our web developers (the front and back end) began the project as they incorporated realities and data on the site.  Our graphic designers also started the creation of the brand Logo.

It was quite easy to deliver great results as we have an understanding of project-oriented websites; we developed for them a CMS-driven business website that intrigued their end-users.



After the completion of the website and the Logo revamp, Agriktechnical & Agro-Allied company had an increased level of sales and engagement on their  website & social media pages.

Client's feedback

“We never regretted giving the project to Novate Designs, infact we love the website.”