Fotasco is a professional security service company that provides a comprehensive range of security solutions to individuals, organizations, and communities. Founded in 2019, Fotasco has over 4 years of experience in the security industry and is known for its high-quality service delivery and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Fotasco Security Services
April 22, 2023 at 9:00 am
Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Bespoke UI Design, Mobile Responsive Web Development, Social Media Integration, Google My Business Verification

The Brief

Fotasco Security Services needed something more for their business, they noticed their business wasn’t online and needed to reach out to other potential customers online.

What we did

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Novate Designs developed a simple but yet functional website that accentuated their core essence.

We got this project through a Facebook Ad we ran and we corresponded with our client via messages, video, and voice calls then used a model to demonstrate how the website will look when it’s all set up. After the model was approved, our web developers (the front and back end) began the project as they incorporated realities and data on the site.

It was quite easy to deliver great results as we have an understanding of project-oriented websites; we developed for them a CMS-driven business website that intrigued their end-users.


After the completion of the website, Fotasco Security Services had an increased level of sales and engagement on their  website.

Client's feedback

“The website did justice to our business, now are are bold to flaunt it anywhere and at anytime”